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Each client is treated with respect, dignity and confidentiality. Because at Gideons’ each client is unique, we allow each client to be part of their management and they do tell us how they want things to run for them. We allow them to be themselves as this is a home, and this provides the warmth of the company they are looking for. If any client needs support, we have a qualified support staff to take care of all their personal needs.

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How It Works

Before a client joins, they will undergo a general and a medical assessment which will be done by the resident doctor and if need be, in collaboration with another medical specialist for example physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and surgeon. This assessment will help the Gideons’ management to establish the kind of care the client will require. It is at this point that the client and families will be advised of any specialized attention that might be required to make the client comfortable. Management of any medical conditions will be discussed prior to admission.

Specialists will be called in and families advised accordingly. Families with their own preferred doctors will be allowed  to continue with them and the home will get in touch with these doctors when need arises. Elderly people come in with different medical conditions which are managed and treated accordingly. The Gideons’ management recognizes that most of the elderly members of the society may have one or two conditions requiring medical attention. This will be managed at Gideons’. If a need arises to call in a medical specialist, this will be done in collaboration with the family of the client.

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