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a great place to grow older

Transforming lives
for the better

The concept to start Gideons’ home for the elderly was idealized by Dr. Joel Muthuri and his wife Makena in memory of their late fathers who were both named Gideon, hence the Gideons’ Memorial Home. The home is a comfort residency that provides personalized care for the elderly. We noticed a gap in the availability of comfortable facilities in Kenya where families could commit their loved ones either for a short or long term care. This has become a necessity especially at this time in our country when immediate relatives are not readily available because of their busy work schedules.

We therefore decided to provide a homely solution where families would feel secure and confident to entrust their loved ones to us. We are also very cognizant of the needs of the elderly which include loneliness needing company in a place that shows them love in all aspects of their lives and this is Gideons’ care centre’s commitment to the elderly. We are opening our doors to admit clients starting March 2019.

Our Vision

To be the lead center of excellence for the care of the elderly in East Africa.

Our Mission

To provide quality care for the elderly in a homely and amiable environment.

Our Values

  • Compassionate

  • Confidentiality

  • Integrity

  • Efficiency

  • Honesty & Trust

  • Professional


Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost per month?

We have different packages which include:

1) Non-Resident which allows clients to check-in, in the morning and leave in the evening. Costs will basically include meals and care currently costed at a daily rate of Kshs.1,500 ($15)

2) Residents involves two categories:

  • Accommodation/meals and care  a daily rate of  Kshs.3,500 ($35) and Kshs.800 – 1,500 ($8 – 15) respectively.
  • Clients who have been assessed and they need specialized care. These costs will depend on the external charges by the specialists  and will also depend on the medical condition.

Can I pay in installments?

We will discuss and agree with clients and families the mode of payment before admission and we will discuss and agree in writing during the financial undertaking.

If my loved one gets sick while under your care, do you foot the hospital bills?

Before admission families will undertake that they will be responsible and accountable for taking care of any hospital bills. This wii be done by signing the financial undertaking agreements during admission.

Can I bring my pet?

Possibility of accompanying pets being allowed into the home will be discussed on individual basis.

What is your complaints procedure?

All stakeholders must know that Gideon’s welcomes complaints and constructive feedback and need to know how to raise a complaint with the facility. General complaints about any aspect of Gideon’s Memorial and its work should be sent to the e-mail 

The Director will maintain appropriate confidentiality and ensure that only the parties relevant to solving the complaint are involved. A committee to be constituted by the  Director will be established to review all the complaints and present their feedback.

Postal complaints can also be sent to;
The Director
Gideons’ Memorial Home 
P. O. Box 1055 Meru,
Postal Code: 60200,
Meru, Kenya
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